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CK Ladzekpo, Instructor

UC Berkeley Music 148
Spring 1996
Final Examination
May 8, 1996

Visit some scenes from our spring 1996 final examination performances held on Wednesday, May 8, 1996.

Video Clip From
Final Examination Performances
Fall 1995

Takada, by all-woman ensemble
(3 MB Quicktime Video, worth downloading!)
Takada is an Anlo-Ewe polyrhythmic dance-drumming, an interwoven fabric of percussion, song, and movement. It was composed by women and functions as a social platform in the traditional context for women expressing their perspective on the collective life.

A Takada Song text (free translation)
Takada is a woman thing
Cecilia was a founder of this music
She died young
Beware the wrath of Takada!
Beware the anger of woman!

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